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Engaging Your Senses

Our concept is based on two pillars: sustainability and Feng Shui , the two combined to provide the customer with a memorable experience for all senses.



Sustainable development is the key element in our day-to-day thinking and decision making. We pay special attention to the impact of our actions and operations in all aspects of the environment: people, nature and materials.

We invest in new ways to eliminate or reduce harmful discharges, hazardous materials and waste and seeks to reduce consumption in all operational areas, reviewing constantly, and continuously improving the social and environmental impacts, complementing this development with third-party certification process.


Feng Shui

More than a place to sleep, the rooms and suites Inspira Santa Marta Hotel have been designed to fulfill a primary function - to contribute to your rest and well-being. Light, color, sound, shapes, movement and materials (with low environmental impact) has been carefully designed to work together, stimulate your senses and provoke positive feelings.

The organization and decoration of the rooms respect the principles of Feng Shui, creating space more comfortable and balanced, avoiding stagnation of energy flows. Result: a simple environment, but sophisticated, comfort and tranquility, where guests are invited to relax after a day in Lisbon. Sleep and waking in the field in the city is our proposal for evasion.

We believe that the values ​​of sharing and communication form the basis of good experiences. We have therefore added technology to enhance the overall experience. Our rooms are equipped with integrated technological solutions that give you the possibility to keep in touch with colleagues, family and friends or to access local information, all with just one click.



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