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Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

INSPIRA seeks to offer its clients a different experience in an ecologically sustainable hotel. We, therefore, adopt a policy of responsibility including sustainability as one of our core values, applied to all aspects of our business ranging from the use of environmentally friendly materials, paperless systems and even our gastronomic concept, amongst others. We believe that REDUCTION is the only way to minimize the environmental impact of our business and really make a difference. This is why all our policies and values are geared to this end.

Our main mission is to provide our clients with memorable experiences.  We aim to do so by regularly investing in our product, training human resources and consistently delivering through upscale service and innovation.   We value fair compensation, room to grow, training, a healthy, creative work environment and respect for diversity.  We favor growth over profit as a way to assure return on investment to our shareholders. 

Our vision is to become the leading 4 star hotel in Lisbon and a leading example of Sustainability in its field, by continuously engaging our stakeholders and community to adopt best practices in Environmental and Social Responsibility matters.

Inspira values ​​and code of conduct acknowledge the rights and freedoms of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Any kind of exploitation and discriminatory expression (race, colour, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, socio-cultural status, nationality or marital status) addressed to anyone are strictly forbidden. We privilege and respect the relationships with local community, contributing actively to its development by supporting its projects and initiatives and creating partnerships with social institutions. Cultural and historic heritage is highly valued and promoted as well as its preservation.

If, like us, you believe that everything that surrounds us is a source of inspiration, you will find another indication of our commitment to preserve harmony and equilibrium between man and the environment in the implementation of the millenary principles of Feng Shui.

With this in mind, we undertake to administer and continuously improve our management system with a view to:

  1. Fulfill the requirements set out in the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and NP EN 14001:2012 standards as a way to ensure client satisfaction.
  2. Ensure compliance with all legal and other requirements relevant to our business, in other words those related to client service and the environment.
  3. Establish relationships with suppliers along the lines of partnership, considering them an integral part of our Management System, evaluating and assessing the products and services rendered in order to guarantee their quality and ensure compliance with environmental requirements.
  4. Adopt an approach that minimizes the negative economic, environmental and social effect of all our activities, products and services, establishing objectives and targets to reduce environmental impact, continuously improving the use of available resources in a sustainable way.
  5. Undertake our various activities in accordance with the Management System, systematically evaluating the consequences of its implementation and continuously improving its efficiency.
  6. Undertake educational and awareness programs with our employees / business partners whose activities may impact negatively on the environment.
  7. Promote food hygiene and safety by implementing a system of Self Control/HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).


INSPIRA informs its stakeholders of its sustainability policies so that these may be understood and practices in keeping with them may be adopted, respecting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, applicable legislation and any other requirements to which it subscribes.

INSPIRA commits itself to the periodic revision of its Integrated Management System with a view to continuous improvement and establishes measurable annual objectives in keeping with its criteria. The objectives are established by the Management in a review meeting. Approved by (General Manager):

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